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Sick Science Snow Colours - STEAM Learning

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Making powder turn into snow then use your science know-how to make multi-coloured snow.

Making powder turn into snow is cool, but using your science know-how to make multi-coloured snow is SICK! Stack the colours in a rainbow snow tube. You will create a tower of fluffy coloured snow that will mix into a rainbow of snow colours. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.

  • Kit for making and experimenting with colourful fake snow
  • Encourages following instructions, critical thinking, an interest in science
  • Discover just how "sick" science can be!
  • Watch water transform into snow instantaneously
  • Learn about the process of osmosis, experiment with mixing colours
  • Simple step-by-step instructions, detailed scientific explanations
  • Scan codes with smartphone or tablet to watch instructional videos
  • Enough materials for conducting multiple experiments
  • Includes plastic tube, 3 2-ounce plastic cups, plastic measuring scoop, 36-grams Insta-Snow, 9 fizzing colour tablets, wooden stirrer
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions included - 3 exciting experiences
  • Designed around the S.T.E.M. initiative - Science, technology, engineering, math
  • High quality materials for exceptional experiment experience
  • Ages 6 -96!