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Sick Science Fast Physics - STEAM Learning

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Discover inertia, potential & kinetic energy, and more, how to use Physics for fun.

Three primary experiences in this kit are Newton's Beads, Flying Popsicle Sticks and the Pendulum Catch. Watch 20' of colourful beads launch out of a cup going faster and faster and arching higher - all courtesy of Sir Isaac Newton's research.

The Popsicle Stick Release allows you to 'weave' jumbo coloured popsicle sticks into a pattern that, when triggered, will fly into the air in an awesome display of potential and kinetic energy. The Pendulum catch illustrates the force of movement using the Magic Hec Nut Pendulum.

You will be totally surprised at what happens here. SIX MORE experiences await in this kit.

Suitable for Ages 6 +