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Rain Alarm Science DIY - (STEM)

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We all question how/why things work. This set from the STEAM learning series makes learning fun by creating a working alarm.  Sometimes the best way to learn is to actually build and experiment ourselves.  Don't have the correct equipment don't worry we have that solved. All base resources required included, plus detailed picture based instructions. You just need to provide the tools around home such as a screwdriver, scissor, lighter, batteries etc.

Detail about this experiment: An alarm is an electronic product to prevent or avoid the occurrence of a certain incident which alerts or warns us to take some actions in the form of sound, light, air pressure, etc.
The rain alarm utilizes that salt is melted into electrolyte after touching water and the electrolyte gets inductive and make the circuit closed. The electrical current makes the buzzer sound and the LED shine to send alarms.
Materials which get inductive while dissolved in water or in fusion condition are called electrolyte, such as bicarb and salt, etc.

Best suited to aged 10 +

Very small parts not for children under 6 years.