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Play It Game - Mathematics

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The Learning Journey

Mastering simple mathematic equations will be “experimental” when playing Play It! Mathematics Lab. With the fun science lab game boards and scientific equation cards, kids will solve simple equations to earn test tubes and beakers to fill their game boards. But watch out for the poison cards! If you select one of those it will sit on your board until you select a trash can card to properly dispose of it.

Be the first player to “complete your experiment” by earning enough cards to fill your board and win the game! The game includes 4 game boards and 30 playing pieces. 

All the Play It Games –promote language, thinking, and learning. Sharpens tactile, motor, life, and social skills such as cooperation skills. Helps support developmental skills such as Memory, builds Self Confidence, and helps develop problem-solving. Great Fun interactive learning.

For up to four players.

Ages 3-6 years.