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Pebeo Acrylic Paint Set 12/set, 12ml tubes - use on rocks, wood etc.

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Pebeo Acrylic Paint 12 Colour Set, Artist/Professional quality paint. 12mls tubes.

Can be used on canvas, glass, wood, on rock, paper, fabric,  ceramic etc.....

Make beautiful art, or gifts with quality acrylic paint by a quality brand Pebeo. 

Can be used on our Paint N Pick plaster of paris moulds collection. Water Based pigment ink, strong covering force, sun-proof, and water proof.

    This paint features high colour purity, fine and even paste, smooth strokes, high light fastness and stability. 

    Colours in set:

    1. Primary Yellow (#48)
    2. Transparent Vermilion (#19)
    3. Primary Magenta (#50)
    4. Oriental Violet (#21)
    5. Primary Cyan (#49)
    6. Phthalocyanine Green (#42)
    7. Hooker's green (#44)
    8. Yellow Ochre (#27)
    9. Burnt Sienna (#38)
    10. Burnt Umber (#29)
    11. Mars Black (#26)
    12. Titanium White (#11)

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