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Robotic Mini Gyro - GIGO - STEAM

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? Operate gravity-defying Gyro Robots using a ripcord. No batteries!
? Conduct experiments and make different models using the Gyroscope and Flywheel.
? Discover how the configuration of the Gyroscope and the Flywheel work.
? Challenge yourself by making the Rip Cord Gyrobot walk on the track.
? Learn physics including rotational motion, angular momentum, the moment of inertia, and friction.

Gyroscope force is a fascinating and magical phenomenon. With this small fast spinning Gyro you can make experiments with objects that are able to defy the force of gravity by standing upright although common sense tells that they can’t?

Pull the Rib Cord and the magic begins!
You can build Robots that are holding balance like a Segway, but just on one wheel. You can build a cool robot that is able to drive on 2 wheels on a thin track without falling down.

The lower part of the cool robot is a Flywheel and this one can work on its own as well. The Flywheel is a fast rotating weight wheel that stores rotational energy that can drive the gearwheels and make the model move.
Different models can be built using this function, like a motorbike, a space car, a trike etc.

When you combine the 2 motors you can have a very cool robot that drives and balances on a track and you can make stunts like on skateboard or parkour.
This kit offers great learning in rotational powers that is basic science.

Suitable for 8+