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Colour Pencils Leads (ALL 36) & Mechanical Pencil 2mm COMBO

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Mechanical pencil for coloured leads 2mm ROMA TR200.  HP Mechanical pencil comes in rich blue colour and is provided along with ALL 36 individual leads. 8 leads per tube so total 288 leads! Each lead 2mm.

For colouring, graffiti, painting, design and hand-drawing. Bright and bold colours. Rounded lead head. Cylinder packaging saves space and environmental friendly given refills. Don't worry about needing to sharpen a pencil again.  Mix tubes yourself and have one or two cylinders with all your colour needs.

Size individual lead: 2.00m x 90mm

Colours of leads:

Black, Bottle Green, Carmine, Chocolate, Cobalt blue, Cold Grey, Cooked Brown, Earthly Yellow, Green Grass, Lake Blue, Lemon Yellow, Mazarine, Medium Yellow, Olive Green, Orange Yellow, Orange, Pale purple, Pale Yellow, Peak Green, Pearl Red, Pink, Powder Green, Prunosus, Red, Rosy, Salmon Pink, Skin Colour, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Violet, Viridis, White, Yellow Green,  and Yellowish Brown.

 Not for small children under 6 years old.