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Fairy Garden Base Saucer/Grass/Gravel/LED House/Fairy's DIY Kit

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Want to make your own Fairy Garden but simply don't know where to start.  This base saucer, grass seed and gravel kit are the perfect starter kit. We provide the base you provide the imagination and magic. 


1 x Saucer Round Plastic - 30cm.  Anthracite (Dark Gray) or Terracotta colour (you choose)

1 x Lawn grass seeds 5g

1x Decorative Gravel - Pink 5-8mm size stones.  300g bag.

1 x LED Mini Wooden House

3 x Fairy's Pink/Blue/Brown

2 x Street Lights

Note: You need to provide soil. (Soil from the garden or potting mix works well). 

Mushrooms and Fence's  as pictured sold separately. 


Place soil in saucer.  Scatter grass seeds as evenly as possible over areas you plan as being grass. Generous seed covering.  Cover seeds with a small layer of soil.  Water lightly and keep most while seeds are germinating.  Takes about 7 days to get grass.  You will need to cut grass with scissors as it grows well. Wait until grass has grown before adding gravel path etc. 

This is just a base kit.  Let you imagination run wild.  Add additional plants like succulents, fairies, houses and ornaments as desired. Use rocks, branches, driftwood etc. from the neighbourhood, be creative. 

Great activity for adults and kids, not sure who will enjoy creating the most!

Ages 5 - 99