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Colour Pencil Leads 8 AND Mechanical Colour Pencil COMBO

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ROMA blue refillable mechanical colour pencil TR200 2mm + 8 colour refill leads combo.

For colouring, graffiti, painting, design and hand-drawing. Bright and bold colours. Rounded lead head. Cylinder packaging saves space and environmental friendly given refills. Don't worry about needing to sharpen a pencil again. Mix tubes yourself and have one cylinder with your colour needs.

8 leads per tube. Leads 2mm.

Combo consists of:

  • 1 X Blue refillable mechanical HP pencil for coloured leads 2mm. 
  • Lemon yellow lead refill 
  • Orange lead refill
  • Skin colour lead refill
  • Salmon Pink lead refill
  • Powder Green lead refill
  • Yellow Green lead refill
  • Pink lead refill
  • Ultramarine Blue lead refill

Plus 1x Black Lead Refill FREE

A total of 92 leads provided and a 2mm mechanical pencil.

 Not for small children under 6 years old.