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Fabric Marker Pens 12 Set

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Yomimax Fabric Marker Pens. 12 in set. Water-resistance with no irritation, weather resistance.  The ink is not easy to dye and fade in case of water after drying, and the finished works are not easy to crack and fall off. After painting, you can choose natural air drying or ironing at medium or low temperature to set the colour of the cloth, so as to strengthen the tone and preservation time of the works. Non-toxic.


1. This product is suitable for canvas, cotton cloth, linen and other materials, not synthetic cloth (nylon). According to the cloth surface with different textures and thicknesses, increase or decrease the number of colour filling times to saturate the colour. 
2. Please avoid any chemical detergent on fine washing, only use clean water or a little soap bar.
3. Please turn the painting surface upside down or put it in a laundry bag to avoid surface friction damage.