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Flysea Double Line Metallic Marker Pens - 18 Set.

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Your trusted Flysea acrylic pen provider has 18 Metallic Outline Markers. Thin Tip,
Must have if you love to write in a journal.
Use for Christmas Card Writing, Birthday Greeting, Scrap Booking, DIY Art Crafts. 
  • 18 COLORS – 18 different colors containing shiny ink, which yield a vivid color and add a sparkle luster. Work on most surfaces, works on rocks!
  • DOUBLE LINE OUTLINE PENS– Adopted the pigment ink, these incredible self-outlined markers write in vivid metallic silver surrounded by colored borders. Unique technology produces outlines for you automatically to create a beautiful dual-color effect.
  • DURABLE 1MM TIP– Double line outline pen specially designed with a wear-resistant and pressure-resistant tip, that helps to achieve fluid and smooth clear writing effortlessly across the page. The pigment ink is waterproof, chemically stable and UV resistant. 1mm tip, is great for writing. These pens are best on white paper, not recommended on black. On black paper only see the silver line. 
  • EASY TO USE– First shake the marker well to mix the ink with the tip on. Then take off the cap and gently press down the tip on the surface a few times to pump the ink until it starts to flow. For best results, re-cap the markers immediately after use and store horizontally.
  • Wide Application and NOTICE!–Our outline pens can be used in writing a greeting card, scribbling, poster making, drawing and highlighting. Besides, they are also suitable for kids or adults DIY craft projects. Great for arts, crafts, school projects and more.