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Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom - STEAM Learning

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Great for science fairs, Sick Science kits turn the study of science into fun and engaging learning experiences that challenge inquisitive minds to wonder, discover, and explore. Each kit includes QR codes that link to exclusive informational online videos, so kids can continue learning at home.
This fun kit explores the science of fizz. Learn about carbonation in the soda we drink, and how the power of fizz can be harnessed to launch a rocket. Use MENTOS® to release all of the fizz in a bottle of soda—and create an instant soda geyser that tops 25 feet. Use basic chemistry to create “boom” bags that thrill and surprise your friends. What’s included: 4 resealable plastic bags, 1 roll Mentos candies, 1 plastic geyser tube, 3 plastic caps, 3.5 oz. baking soda, one 1-L plastic bottle, 2 rubber stoppers, one iron inflating needle, two hook-and-loop straps, 3 plastic fins, and inspiring instructions.
Learn the science behind carbonation
  • Harness the power of fizz
  • Use MENTOS® to release the fizz in a bottle of soda
  • Create “boom” bags for your friends
  • Designed around the S.T.E.M. initiative - Science
  • Ages 6 -96!