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CRAZY AARON'S PUTTY - Aura 5cm Mini Tin

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The idea of an aura surrounding living things has been around for centuries. In modern times we have discovered the combination of living objects and electricity can create an unseen world of shadows and violet light. This is an aura which can be captured on film. Connect to your invisible energy with Aura Thinking Putty. White by day, it glows a mystical purple at night to help tap into your creative potential.

  • Color: White, with glow of purple at night.
  • Features: Memory effect, Tearable, Bounceable, Soft Texture. 
  • Materials: Non-toxic silicone
  • Approx tin dimensions: 5 cms (mini)
  • Never dries out
  • Made in USA
  • Age: 3 years and up

There is a power to darkness that brings things normally unseen to light. That’s the principle behind our Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. Plain white in daylight, these putties come alive with hypnotic colours that magically appear in the dark. Expose them to light (the brighter the better) and they will glow for hours.